Research Reports & Policy Briefs

Public attitudes towards LGBT+ legal rights in Hong Kong 2019/20

Suen, Y.T., Chan, R.C.H. & Wong, E.M.Y., (2020). 

Hong Kong Public and LGB People’s Attitudes towards LGB-friendly Business Organizations

Suen, Y.T., Wong, M.Y., Chan, R.C.H. & Yeung, G.K.W. (2016). 

Study on Legislation against Discrimination on the Grounds of Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Intersex Status. Equal Opportunities Commission

Suen, Y. T., Wong, W. C. A., Barrow, A., Wong, M. Y., Mak, W. S., Choi, P. K., & Lau, T. F. (2016). 

Sexual Orientation, Right to Inquire Partner’s Medical Information and Right to Claim Partner’s Ashes in Hong Kong.

Suen, Y.T., Yeung, G.K.W., Wong, M.Y., & Chan R.C.H. (2016). 

Sexual Orientation and Politics in Hong Kong

Suen, Y.T., Yeung, G.K.W., Wong, M.Y., Chan, R.C.H. (2016)

Mental Health of Transgender People in Hong Kong.

Suen, Y.T., Chan, R.C.H. & Wong, M.Y. (2016). 

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